Energy in the Home

Energy in the Home

Energy in the Home

Thinking of upgrading your central heating system?
Does your insulation need a top up?
Thinking of going Green?

Then the first port of call should be a Green Deal Assessment. This will allow you to approach Green Deal Providers and have the cost of any measures put on to your utilities bills. The savings you make from the measures you proceed with should be more than the additional cost – so it all works out in the end.

But it doesn’t stop there. We can design, specify and arrange the installation of a wide variety of heating and micro-renewable solutions.

Maybe your gas boiler needs an upgrade?
Have you considered fitting solar thermal for free hot water?
Or how about a Hybrid Gas/ Heat Pump system for the lowest heating costs possible in the UK?
Room on your roof for Solar Photovoltaics?

Energy in the Home

We can design the optimum system for you and handle the whole process from Green Deal Assessment, grant applications, planning permission if required and actually employ MCS accredited installers for you if you wish.

Insulation need a top up?

We can carry out surveys and arrange the installation of Cavity Wall, Internal Wall and External Wall insulation, all to industry leading standards.

Our experience allows us to design heating and micro-renewable solutions including biomass, gas and electric heating as well as ground and air source heat pumps. Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal and small scale wind generation complement our services perfectly.

Renewable Energy Consultants are truly a turnkey solution for domestic applications.

Renewable Energy CSL

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