Energy Auditing

Energy Auditing

Energy Auditing

We provide auditing services to businesses throughout the country where we look in detail at buildings and fuel consumption data to pinpoint measures to reduce carbon and cost.

Often in the past micro-renewable technologies have been installed without any thought given to measurement. We can assist through the audit process and provide solutions to accurately measure data.

It is also a requirement of the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive that the generation of heat is monitored in order to provide OFGEM an accurate billing regimen.


Energy AuditingFacilities managers and those responsible for budgets know how important it is plan energy costs as accurately as possible. With this in mind, we can examine trends, processes and offer solutions on waste and energy reduction, and where clever, help businesses transform waste to energy. We can review existing controls arrangements and provide up to date solutions to transform responsiveness and increase efficiencies. Our audits can be a short review of existing plant and equipment or a detailed study including feasibility on options. Often the costs of these can be covered by local authorities.

Our experienced team can provide facilities managers and staff with accurate forecasting of energy costs and can advise on suppliers and discount packages with a number of utility companies. Furthermore, we can also advise on software monitoring arrangements and remote access and control on building heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation systems.

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